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Health Science & Medical Technology Pathway

Health Science & Medical Technology Pathway

Biotechnology 1
Grades 10-12
UC/CSU - D Science approved course (Biology/Life Sciences)
Dual Enrollment - Skyline College (BTEC 400 - Foundations in Biotechnology; 2 semester units)
Offered at Aragon, Mills, San Mateo High Schools.

Prerequisite: Completion of Biology or EL Biology with a grade of “C” or higher
This course is designed to introduce the standard operating procedures used in the biotechnology industry and the techniques involved in recombinant DNA and recombinant protein production. Students will be instructed in Standard Laboratory Operating Procedures and  demonstrate proficiency in lab safety, documentation, legal scientific notebooks, measurement, experimental design, pipetting/micropipetting, solution preparation and dilution, sterile technique, cell culture, DNA isolation and gel analysis, bacterial transformation, VIS spectrophotometer, assay development, and more.  The course is the first year of the Biotechnology Career Pathway Program, which is designed to prepare students for work in the growing biotechnology industry or in academic research. Excellent attendance, responsibility, and organization are key components for success in this class.

Biotechnology 2
Grades 11-12
UC/CSU - D Science approved course (Biology/Life Sciences)
Dual Enrollment - Skyline College (BTEC 170 - Principles of Applied Bioscience & BTEC 171 - Laboratory Principles of Applied Bioscience: 3 semester units; BTEC 170 = 2, BTEC 171 = 1)
Offered at Aragon and San Mateo High Schools

Prerequisite: Completion of Biotechnology 1
This course is designed to extend the skills students developed in the introductory Biotechnology 1 course. The first semester will focus on Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and the second semester will focus on Diagnostic Biotechnology. Students will be instructed in plant breeding: asexual plant propagation and plant tissue culture; plant genetic engineering, statistical analysis, sterile technique and media preparation, plant compound extractions, plant DNA and protein extractions, UV spectrophotometry, advanced protein analysis (protein gels, western blots, ELISA, column chromatography), advanced DNA diagnostics (DNA synthesis, PCR, and DNA Sequencing) and experimental optimization.

Biotechnology Services (Internship)
Grade: 11-12
Duration: Summer+ periodic meetings the preceding Spring
Credits: 10
UC/CSU: No CSU/UC admission requirements met by this course
Prerequisite: Successful completion of a Biotechnology 1 course of the Biotechnology Career Pathway program.  Completion of Biotechnology 2 is recommended.
Available to students from Aragon, Mills, and San Mateo High Schools; the course is offered at San Mateo High School.

The Biotechnology Services course prepares students for research and manufacturing positions in academic and industrial biotechnology laboratories. Biotechnology Services is a one-year community classroom course (internship). Biotechnology Services requires a minimum 180-hour commitment from students and a placement into a laboratory internship at a local biotechnology company. Prior to internship placement, students review and demonstrate proficiency in the laboratory research techniques currently used in the field of biotechnology. Students develop placement portfolios, cover letters, resumes and interpersonal skills. After interviewing for several laboratory research positions, students may be placed at a long-term (minimum of 180 hours) laboratory internship based on mentor’s recommendation.

Biotechnology Independent Research

Grades 12
UC/CSU - G Science approved course (Biology/Life Sciences)
Dual Enrollment - Skyline College (BTEC 480 - Biotechnology Project 1; 1.5 units/semester) 
Available at Aragon, Mills,  and San Mateo High Schools

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all four semesters of the Biotechnology
Career Pathway.

Biotechnology Independent Research is a laboratory research course designed to give students with substantial lab experience, an opportunity to conduct industry-standard research. In research teams, student scientists will model research techniques and strategies used at established  biotechnology companies. Progress will be monitored by the course instructor and reported regularly to the class.

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