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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Pathway

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Pathway

Food & Nutrition
This introductory course focuses on basic culinary fundamentals and principles of nutrition. Students will learn various cooking techniques through preparation of selected foods while practicing industry specific protocols.  Emphasis is on understanding how to make healthy food choices for optimal health. Careers in Foods and Hospitality will be explored while career interests and aptitude assessed. Employability and job acquisition skills are emphasized.
CTE (Career Tech Ed) Graduation Requirement
Skyline Dual Enrollment Course
  -HTM 101 –Intro to Hospitality (3 units)
  -HTM 120 –Sanitation Practices (3 units)
*UC Approved Elective
Food Handlers Certification


Culinary Arts
This upper level course is intended to give students opportunities to practice and expand knowledge of food preparation through menu planningcosting and applying nutritional knowledge.  Students in Culinary Arts are responsible for operating the Culinary Café, a mobile food service café that serves school staff. With Foods & Nutrition serving as the foundation class, Culinary Arts creates a career pathway sequence in the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry Sector. This class emphasizes industry standards while providing experiences for students to develop employability skills to prepare for a successful transition to post secondary training and employment.  
Skyline Dual Enrollment Course
 -HTM 124 –Excellence in Guest Services (.5 units)
 -HTM  125 –Restaurant and Banquet Operations (1 unit) 
Food Handlers Manager’s Certification
American Hotel & Lodging - Guest Service Gold
Food & Beverage Entry-Level Professional Skills

Career Guide - Food and Hospitality Pathway

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Food and Hospitality Career Guide