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Special Education Department Course Offerings

Special Education Course Offerings

San Mateo High School offers a continuum of programs for students with disabilities.

The way Special Education student services are being reported to the State has changed, with the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A.). Historically, programs were referred to as “Special Day Classes (S.D.C.)” or “Resource Specialist Programs (R.S.P.).” Students who required more than half the school day in a Special Education setting were classified S.D.C. and students requiring less than half the day were classified as R.S.P. These classifications are no longer being used. Instead, the primary Special Education service is being described as “Specialized Academic Instruction (S.A.I.).” The Individual Education Plan’s will indicate the amount of time a student requires S.A.I. in terms of daily minutes.

Students enrolled in the programs offered through the Department of Special Education will be assigned a Special Education case manager who schedules classes, implements the student’s Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) and acts as the liaison for the student, parent, classroom teacher, administration and academic counselor. The following support services are available: speech/language therapy, vocational assistance and counseling through the District Wellness Program. Students may be referred for special education assessment by their parent, teacher or school counselor. All requests for an evaluation are processed through the Student Study Team (S.S.T.). State Eligibility criteria must be met for a student to receive special education services. Placement services are determined by the I.E.P. team. All efforts to provide instruction in the least restrictive environment are made.

Off-Campus Programs


Middle College high school is an alternative education collaboration between the San Mateo Union High School District (S.M.U.H.S.D.) and the College of San Mateo. Middle College serves high school juniors and seniors whose needs are not being met by the traditional high school. The Middle College campus is located at the College of San Mateo. It is designed to promote academic achievement, completion of high school and success in college.

A student’s schedule consists of three high school courses each semester which adhere to the S.M.U.H.S.D. approved curriculum and satisfy high school graduation requirements, a daily study skills course and a variety of college courses for which they earn high school and college credit. For more information, call 650-558-2257.