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Undocumented Students Resource Page

Undocumented Students Resource Page

Undocumented Student Resources

Students who have attended school in California for at least three years are able to qualify for in state tuition in many situations. 

California Dream Act Application – This is financial aid provided by the state for undocumented students.  Generally students without visas will fill this out to get financial help for attending college within California.  CA Dream Act information is only shared with the colleges you apply to for the sake of creating a financial aid offer.

Immigrants Rising Scholarship – These scholarships do not have any citizenship requirements.  Please note the file is dated 2018-2019, but these scholarships are open every year. 

A.B. 540 – This is the state policy that allows undocumented students who meet eligibility requirements to be exempt from paying out of state tuition, meaning they will essentially pay in state tuition. 

Immigrants Rising Resources – A website dedicated to providing additional resources for undocumented students, such as educational opportunities, legal guidance, and assistance in helping students understand their rights.

CSU – California State University system resources for undocumented students. 

UC – University of California system wide resources for undocumented students.

CSM Dream Center – For undocumented students considering attending CSM the Dream Center is a one stop help for assistance with immigration and education.