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Freshman (9th Grade) Information

Counseling Philosophy

As a 9th grade counselor, my goal is to ensure all 9th grade students understand how their grades and credits work in high school, and how to get advice when needed or where to find social-emotional and academic support.  By the end of 9th grade, I aim for all 9th graders to understand their choices and feel empowered as students to make and achieve their academic goals.

Ninth grade commitments

In addition to the San Mateo High School Counseling Commitments, all ninth grade students will receive the following supports that are unique to the ninth grade:

  1. Tier 1 classroom lessons on understanding high school graduation requirements, credits, A-G requirements, and preparing for post-secondary options

  2. Introduction to the California Colleges platform to take an intelligences assessment and start exploring career options

  3. Review of semester classes and transcript review

  4. Guidance on choosing courses that match students’ interests and academic goals 

  5. Learn how to access support services on campus (academic support/wellness counseling)


  • Create a plan to stay organized and keep track of assignments and deadlines - use a planner or other system 

  • Check Canvas frequently and see if test retakes are needed

  • Get involved at SMHS! Join extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, leadership, performing arts, etc.

  • Utilize the resources available at SMHS - get help when you need it! Check out the 2023-2024 SMHS Resource Guide

  • Start researching career and post-secondary options. Log into

Check out the 9th Grade Counseling Lesson

Ninth Grade Events

Fall Semester

  1. Back to School Night: 9th/10th Grade Presentation

Spring Semester

  1. Course Preview Day

  2. 9th Grade Spring Class Presentations  2/27 - 3/3

  3. 10th grade schedule Q&A workshops

  4. Math Information Night 3/8/23 


Contact Us

Freshman Class Counselor
Nicole Ellis
(650) 558-2312