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Welcome to the Counseling Department!

SMHS Counseling Spring 2024 Assignments:  
Class of 2024: Veronica Gasco
Class of 2025: Crystal Beltran
Class of 2026: Jane Zimmerman
Class of 2027: Nicole Ellis
ELD Counselor: Alex Chavez
Counseling Assistant: Tammy Maldonado
Please check our website for the latest updates and information pertaining to the 2023-24 school year here:
For Transcripts:  Mr. Gee:   558-2319
Current Students Only: To schedule an appointment with your school counselor, click on the link below:
12th Grade - Contact Ms. Veronica Gasco  -
11th Grade - Ms. Crystal Beltran  -
10th Grade - Ms. Jane Zimmerman  -
9th Grade - Ms. Nicole Ellis  -
We currently do not schedule individualized appointments for incoming freshman families. Please e-mail the Counseling Assistant for any questions or assistance.
For the incoming freshman, Class of 2028, please click here for information.

Contact Us

Mike Holtz
(650) 558-2303
Assistant Principal

Tammy Maldonado
(650) 558-2305
Counseling Assistant

Alex Chavez
(650) 558-2317
Counselor for English Language
Development (E.L.D.)  1-3
Counseling Department Co-Chair

Crystal Beltran
(650) 558-2351
Counselor for Class of 2025

Veronica Gasco
(650) 558-2313
Counselor for Class of 2024

Nicole Ellis
(650) 558-2312
Counselor for Class of 2027

Jane Zimmerman
(650) 558-2316
Counseling Department Co-Chair 
Counselor for Class of 2026