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Absence Intervention Contacts

Absence Intervention Contacts

Please review the contacts/resources below if you need assistance with your student's attendance. 

District Social Worker


Melina Diaz
Melina Diaz
Office: 650-558-2272 

Contact the District Social Worker if you/your child need help with the following: 


  • Samtrans bus passes to support transportation to/from school  

  • Case management services to facilitate access and linkage to community resources, e.g. food banks, childcare needs, housing resources, external mental health referrals

  • Engagement with a student in the home environment to encourage and support school attendance 

  • Parent/caregiver psych-osocial support through groups/classes, e.g.  Parent Connect 

  • Student support through individual sessions and groups 

Assistant Principals

Michael Holtz

Michael Holtz, Grades 10 and 12

Gary Hong

Gary Hong, Grades 9 and 11


Lauren Ponti

Lauren Ponti, ELD (Speaks Spanish) 

Contact any Assistant Principal if you/your child need help with the following: 

  • Concerns about the attendance letter and notification you received

  • Concerns about the safety or well-being of your child 

  • Issues around consequences due to absences and truancy

  • If you are experiencing homelessness, please contact Lauren Ponti

Family Engagement Coordinator

Neil Urquidez

Neil Urquidez (Speaks Spanish)

Contact the Family Engagement Coordinator if you/your child need help with the following: 

  • Learn about opportunities for engagement (meetings, workshops, school events)

  • Connecting with school personnel (advocacy)

  • Assist families in understanding our school system (schedules, calendar, Parent Canvas accounts)

  • School and Community Resources

School Attendance Technician

Corina Menendez

Corina Menéndez (Speaks Spanish)

Contact the Attendance Technician if you/your child need help with the following: 

  • Reporting an absence 

  • Obtain pass for student who are leaving school early 

  • Inaccurate data related to attendance 

Mental Health and Wellness Counselors

Diana De Guzman

Diana de Guzman (Speaks Tagalog)



Maria Gutierrez (Speaks Spanish)


Helen Citrin

Helen Citrin


Elena Ortiz

Elena Ortiz (Speaks Spanish)

Contact a Wellness Counselor if you/your child need help with the following: 

  • Mental health concerns related to attendance 

  • Mental health referrals to Care Solace or other community resources

School Counselors

Alex Chavez

Alex Chavez (Speaks Spanish)
Works with English Language Development (ELD) Students


Veronica Gasco

Veronica Gasco
Works with 9th Graders / Class of 2029


Nicole Ellis

Nicole Ellis
Works with 10th Graders / Class of 2027

Jane Zimmerman
Jane Zimmerman
Works with 11th Graders / Class of 2026


Crystal Beltran

Crystal Beltran
Works with 12th Graders / Class of 2025

Contact a School Counselor if you/your child need help with the following: 

  • Concerns about missing days and assignments

  • Connecting students with their teachers on missing assignments due to absences

  • Academic supports including 504 plans, health issues impacting students’ education, after-school tutoring and supports

Health Aide

Shana Scatena


Contact the Health Aide if you/your child need help with the following: