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Athletic Hall of Fame

San Mateo High School Athletic Hall of Fame Mission Statement

The San Mateo High School Athletic Hall of Fame’s mission is to recognize athletes, coaches, teams, and community service individuals who, through their dedication, contributed immeasurably to San Mateo High School athletics. Each nominee must have made a significant achievement in his or her sport at the high school, college, professional, or amateur level.

Individuals nominated as coaches must have exhibited sportsmanship, leadership, compassion, and integrity. A team may be nominated that has achieved an outstanding record in league play, and is recognized as a high place winner in post season competition. Individuals nominated for a community service award must have demonstrated leadership and have promoted sports at San Mateo High School.

It is not our intent or mission through the order of induction to determine the best athlete or athletes in a particular sport, and the year of induction is also not an indication of an athlete’s value as a player or person.