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SMHS students participate in a rigorous, standards-based curriculum as part of an academically challenging, college preparatory program. SMHS recommends students enroll in a 6-period day; however, students have the opportunity to take advantage of a 7-period day for support and enrichment courses.

Learn about Graduation Requirements, including approved A-G Courses.

The academic calendar is two semesters, 18 weeks each. SMUHSD does not rank its students.

The Academic GPA covers Grades 9-12 and is cumulative of all courses taken. This GPA is weighted according to the California Public University system (an additional point is added for University-certified, AP and Honors courses; e.g. A=5.0, B=4.0, C=3.0). Mid-year reports include the 7th semester. The Total GPA is unweighted for Grades 9-12 and covers the same coursework.

Please visit our website to see all the courses offered by the different departments at San Mateo High School.