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Welcome to Student Government & Leadership!


A.S.B. Events & Activities: (Host: A.S.B.-Leadership Class)

  • Freshmen Orientation, School Dances, Lunch Time Rallies, All School Showcases
  • Themed Weeks: Spirit Week, Peace Week, Health Week, Unity Week, Green Week, Staff Appreciation Week, Senior Class Activities and many more
  • Host Club Events: Club Fairs, Club Fundraisers, Volunteer fairs  

Who we are and who we work with:

The Leadership class consists of the A.S.B. officers (11th and 12th graders), the Senior Class Council and Appointed commissioners, delegates and liaisons (11th and 12th)

The A.S.B. Leadership students work closely throughout the year with all four Class Councils, clubs, the captains and coaches of all athletic teams, and the freshmen ambassadors. We also collaborate with the administration on a number of hospitality events such as Back to School Night, Open House, and 8th Grade Family Night.

Our mission:

  • Create a positive school climate and culture which makes learning possible
  • Inspire students to get involved and be connected - attend events, join a club, engage in the Food Drive as a Representative or Team Member
  • Train and empower each other and the students leaders on our campus: club leaders, class council officers, tutorial representatives, ambassadors and volunteers

Ideal traits of a student leader:

  • a desire to make a difference
  • a willingness to learn and grow
  • a high level of enthusiasm
  • a desire to embrace change
  • a vision that inspires others
  • a common mission to work towards

What the A.S.B.-Leadership Training program will provide:

  • an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance
  • significant learning and understanding through experience
  • the opportunity to practice what we teach
  • encouragement and support 
Anahita Ghajarrahimi
Activities Director
(650) 558-3321